29 June, 2010

the poor man's gard[en]

today's poor man's gard[en] feature is more of inspiration
than of new happenings. because, i, unfortunately, came down with the
nastiest flu this past weekend. all i could do was feast upon saltines and
sparkling water. Oh, and watch 'lost', of course 

although i did not work on our garden this past weekend, jonathan did buy
more plants on clearance & assemble the free fountain -- photos to come.

for now, here are some photos i captured today while at the
descanso gardens in la canada flintridge with my sisters-in-law. 
if you live in the area or ever visit, the gardens are beautiful 
& provide for a very restful and gorgeous setting to a nice daytime 
outing. and it is only $8 admission for adults. a great deal in los angeles. 

here are some of the photos i took today. the gardens here make me want to plant even more flowers & have a pond [okay, but i choose a craft/garden shed over the pond if it comes down to it]....

and simply because i love the idea of a shed in our backyard, i have to post these. i know my backyard cannot contain a greenhouse nearly as gorgeous or spacious as this one, but i can dream and be inspired. right?




i hope your weekends were full of warm sunshine and playtime.


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