01 July, 2010

lost & found

it is thursday!
well, because i was out with the nasty flu all last weekend, i did not get the chance to finish last week's 'lost & found'. So, this week i wanted to share with you a piece i worked on a few months ago. unfortunately, i do not have a 'lost' picture. but just imagine, spray painted bright red with the nastiest knobs. and some ridiculous stickers. 

her name is ellie. 
now i just need to find knobs. 
what color knobs would 
you like to see on this 
'lost & found'?

stay tuned for tomorrow's [free]day.


ellie will be available to purchase from my etsy store when she is completed. i'll keep you posted.


andrea earl said...

i say black or crystal...

Ashley said...

Jess, your blog is GREAT! I absolutely love it. And I love Miss Ellie - it looks so great. I would definitely vote for simple crystal knobs in a pretty shape - I think that would look stellar. Keep up the good work on the blog!


Linds said...

i love that- it's beautiful!
some knowbs i think would be great:





http://tinyurl.com/2bmk9q2 [in oval]



jessica nicole said...

i love all of your suggestions! and i can't wait to see the final product :O) love!!!!

i am faye said...

I also like that color with dark red, maybe hearts for a girl's room. But crystal for sure works.

jessica nicole said...

faye, red with turquoise/aqua is gorgeous! definitely a favorite of mine, too!

i found amazing knobs at anthro just before you posted. but i've got plenty of aqua paint for another project & i'll totally keep the red knobs in mind :O)

hope you are well!!