25 June, 2010


it is [free]day today!
i love these days.
today's free find is going to be quite an interesting project.

this credenza i found on craigslist free.
it was a cherished but unwanted piece - the owner had inherited it
when his friend passed away but did not have room for it. he was quite torn with the thought of giving it away but he loved
the idea of it being upcycled and given a new home.

the credenza has a mommy bookcase/desk/credenza that i will
try and take photos of soon 
(it's too big to maneuver and take photos of on my own...)

his name is earl

i am thinking of grey with a splash of color 
and, of course, some new knobs. 
i might try to incorporate some fabric, too.
what would you like to see earl wear?

have a great weekend everyone!



kenzie.irby said...

just saw your post about your blog ... this is awesome. I don't have the time to do these things anymore so its fun to watch someone else do it!!

I would like to see earl wear grey with red and maybe some other color. fabric would be awesome but i have no idea wear you would put it.

keep up the awesome work!

jessica nicole said...

earl is starting to wear some grey :O) thanks for the encouragement, mackenzie! hope you and your beautiful family are doing well.