24 June, 2010

lost & found

this thursday's lost&found feature is one of my favorites:

these beautiful patio chairs
my husband actually found on craigslist free.
yes, i told you 'free-ing' is amazing. and, yes, 
we made up a verb for our habit.

we spent, in total, $60. This includes: outdoor upholstery,
spray paint for the structure of the chairs, some staples & a new patio table.

i think it is a great deal. considering it completely transforms our back patio into a lovely hang out.

what was once, very very lost

is now, wonderfully found

do you have a fun, upcycled project brewing or completed? 
i would love to hear about it. 
do you need inspiration or ideas for a project? send me a note & i'd love to help.

and on an even more personal note, 
thank you to all of my wonderful readers and friends
who have, in the last few days, told me they love my blog.
it is always encouraging to hear from you. 
i appreciate you all.                    


Bethany said...

Jes, Your blog is so neat! Love this project. Alexa has been talking about making a table similar to the one you have pictured. Did you make that or buy it? The base is really great!

jessica nicole said...

Hey Beth!! My husband made the table -- we found the door on craigslist free & the base we actually found stuffed away in this random part of our shed....forgotten. Isn't it so fun?! They are really easy to make.

Bethany said...

So cool! I wish I had a magical shed with amazing treasures! Where do you guys live?

jessica nicole said...

We live in Burbank!!! on Doan (between Chandler & Burbank Boulevard)...

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica, Absolutely LOVE the chairs. At first I thought the picture of the spray painted chairs were your finished product and I thought, "Hmmm. . . ". :-) You have a great gift! Much love to you - Monique Askins

Alex Waidley said...

So creative, I love it! I am actually working on a dining room table and chair set of my own from the goodwill, but lack motivation to finish it. You've inspired me to get it done!

Linds said...

Jess, i LOVE your blog [and you!]
what you did with these chairs is beautiful. you are so inspiring!


jessica nicole said...

Monique, thank you so much :O) I love your creativity & adore the pendant you made me. One day I want to learn or at least watch you. Love!!

Alex, show me pictures when you finish them!!! I'd love to see. Let me know if you want any help :O)

Ummm, Linds. YOU are so talented & inspiring & beautiful. Thank you for reading my blog. It is always encouraging to know my creations are being appreciated, and my journey is supported :O) Love!!!