22 June, 2010

poor man's gard[en]

after a week-long birthday hiatus, i am back. and, i am posting some photos of our garden. phase 2 is completed. 

a few days before my birthday 
(& my husband's. his is one day before mine),
we went to our local hardware store to check out their 50% off garden section.
as we were walking in i told jonathan i would love to have more 
lavender in our garden 
(knowing that each pot is about $5.00 i figured i might come home with one or two). of course, since it was almost my birthday, i said "whoever knows me well, will know to get me something related to my garden & creativity for my birthday". 
when we walked to the back section, there were, wait for it, seventeen pots of lavender for $1.00 each! yes, i am loved by someone. 

so, our phase 2 is complete. 

things we accomplished:

cut out planters along the perimeter of the backyard
lay wood fence cuts along the perimeter of the planters
tilled the soil in preparation for planting
planted herbs in pots (herbs include, at this point: chamomile, basil, oregano, rosemary, dill, sage, & parsley)
dug holes & placed flowers & free plants in the ground
made signs for our herbs (out of an old wood fence & some wire)
found (for free) chairs for our patio 
upholstered & painted the chairs
made a table for the chairs (out of an old door & found rod iron piece)

in total, we spent another $100 
(in addition to the $70 we spent in our first phase)
not too bad for less than $200. seriously.
it looks & feels like a completely different backyard. if you don't remember what it looked like before, check my post here.

of course, there is a phase 3. but that will come in time. 
(phase 3 consists of adding a shed, building a compost, putting a fence up to hide the trash can area, transplant potted flowers & herbs, plant some squash (suggested by a lovely friend)& watermelon, & begin working on the front of the house. okay, i know. maybe a little too much for one phase. 

again, please forgive me for not blogging during my birthday week. i was busy. very very busy. 

check back again on thursday for 'lost & found'. this week i will post on our patio chairs. the biggest transformation (& one of the cheapest & easiest). 


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:D said...

hi jess! it's doah. :)
just wanted to drop by and say that i'm lovin' your blog. so inspiring. glad you're doing so well!