08 April, 2010

spring fever

my spring fever is coming out through
a deep desire to create, make new & improve 
and an increasing energy to find
fun & cute things. 

a few things i found 
while shopping on etsy

i want to put everything i own in a basket like this

& i want an office that looks like this

there might be a theme here....

apartment therapy is doing a spring cleaning contest 
which inspires people to create a vision
for their small living space &
make it look amazing & livable.

how inspiring. some of the living spaces 
smaller than our little home. 
i love how people are redeeming rooms, spaces,
objects & such - basically what they already have
and making them work. 
okay, maybe they are buying a few things 
to make improvement...  

okay, and, if i could buy a few more things i might buy this dresser

i've found a few fun things of my own
on the side of the road & at some flea markets.
i'll post some photos when i figure out
how to work my husband's camera.

and, don't worry. i didn't forget i promised some photos of 
the upcycled bed i did for the
cutest red-headed girl (i posted last month). 

i'll post them soon.


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