04 March, 2010

..[ beginning ]..

today is my first day of blogging!

i'm so excited for numerous reasons. 

.first: i overcame my perfectionist tendencies 
& decided to start blogging despite
the imperfect template & format
[i've been so inspired by bloggers like
seem to get the look
i want yet...i'll get there, i promise]

.second: i painted a fun bed today for a beautiful
red-headed four year old girl & i cannot 
wait to show you
[pictures to come once it's completed]

.third: now i get to share my journey 
of inspiration, creativity & love 

.fourth: this means i'm forced to be creative 
so i can blog about it and share

basically, i'm just super excited. my next post
i'll share with you some of my heart
& some inspirations of mine...

here is one until then...


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