09 April, 2010

city of angels

i love los angeles.

it is a city full of life.
this morning i went on my monthly 
trip to the flower market off of maple & 7th.
a warehouse full of colors & smells. 

but of course, after buying some 
ranunculas (one of my favorites!), 
i had to walk around & explore.

while i was enjoying life all around me, a 
beautiful man named al started talking to me.
there was such sweetness & softness in his demeanor, 
but you could see the brokeness & weariness that
comes from life on the streets. 
ah, but he was beautiful. 
(he is pictured below, walking away)

& i was reminded that the few blocks i was walking
were full of the two things 
that bring me
joy: the homeless & creativity.

here are some more photos taken during my walk. 

what a good day.


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