07 June, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

well, we have been busy
over here
at the poor man's gard{en}

not much to show of things we accomplished
this afternoon 
i do have a few little inside
projects to share

this table was
mr. amazing's 

and now it looks like this

and it looks even better
in it's new little spot
in our living room.
i love how special this table is
and how we get to keep it 
in our home
{thank you aunt carol for 
handing it down to us!}

and i found this chair on
i have already painted it
and loved on it a bit 
but i'll have to show you
a photo of it in it's new 
little spot in our living room another day.

i know. i can't help it.
i love restoring things 
and i love refreshing spaces.
at least i only change our
living room every four to six
months instead of every month
{flowers & tablescapes don't count as change

this week has been my first official
week as a fully self-employed woman
i am SO excited to share more time with
all of you.
and, you would be so proud.
i have accomplished so much
in the span of two whole workdays
{minus a little pinning & blogging, 
etsy-ing & twitter-ing
and facebook-ing. 
but that's part of the business,

stay tuned for some exciting changes
and news for disregard{en}.
there is a lot going on over here...

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