09 June, 2011


does one
get anything done when
the list is endless?!

this week has been quite
a full week.
with meetings about disregard{en},
current disregard{en} projects
(including two weddings to style!)
and polishing up some business details
i have found it rather difficult
to completely finish
some of the pieces i have started.

i spent yesterday helping my dad
finish more of his living & dining rooms
{photos to come}
hunted for some 
great disregard{en}
oh, and mr. amazing just found a few
as i write this!

life feels even more
crazy now that i am fully 
 how does that work?!?!

well, in the midst of starting
this lovely business,
i have had to learn and grow 
along the way.
you only learn from mistakes, right?!
anywho, there have been a few
pieces i did in the beginning
months of starting this little business
that just didn't seem to fit
into disregard{en}'s collection.
so, i have transformed them a second time.
{it's great. i made up a song about
learning from your mistakes as i painted away}

here is the first piece

ms. evelyn

remember her this way?

and then this way?

well, now she is even more
gorgeous & elegant
and wonderfully found

it has actually been 
really exciting for me
to notice the difference
between my older pieces
and recent ones.
i'm growing! yay!
isn't that the point?

i hope you are finding the joys
in your growing - however you are.

i still have some exciting 
news for disregard{en}
and it's
i cannot wait to share
with you in these upcoming weeks!!!

have a lovely thursday.


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