27 July, 2010

poor man's gard[en]

as we are on vacation this week
we are not able to do much in our garden.
but, my husband jonathan did get a chance
last week to begin the front yard phase
of our poor man's gard[en]. 

this phase, i have to warn you, 
is going to take a while & is
going to require a lot of work.
so please be patient. 
and don't judge a book by it's cover.
the inside of our house does not, 
i repeat, does not reflect the exterior.
i will soon provide photos of the interior
of our little home to prove it.

so, with that in mind, here are two photos
of the front of our house at the beginning of 
phase 3 of the poor man's gard[en]
don't judge.

i know. i know. sad. but two of those
juniper bushes are already out.
the remaining four are leaving asap
and we are fixing the sprinklers.
we will eventually get to planting
beautiful flowers, planting ivy to grow
up the rod iron posts and
paint. oh dear, please let us paint.
unfortunately, this is not the home we
own (we are renting it from my parents),
but they are obviously willing to 
let us do minimal work to improve 
the home. so we are limited with what we
can do but we will redeem this home.

on another fun note, we are finally
finishing up the kitchen this coming week 
or so (with the help of my father in law).

the last phase of our kitchen improvement
is the floor.
here is a photo to show you what we
are so excitedly getting rid of

yes. i know. but we are replacing it
with this italian tile

to see what we have already accomplished
on the interior of the kitchen
 & to see the current floor, go here.
to see what we have accomplished in our backyard
go here.

redemption and improving forgotten things
is my absolute favorite.
so, i am super excited to continue
these improvements and show you 
the this home's potential. 

i hope you all enjoy your lovely tuesdays.
i am going to hopefully enjoy the beach.
maybe some thrift store shopping as well.

and thank you so much dear friends
for all of your support these last few
months. it means so much to know
i am believed in & loved.



Jenn said...

You are so cute Jessica. There is nothing more fun for a transformation than a truly sad "Before" picture. And you have a truly sad "Before" picture. I feel your pain.No judgement! Its going to be fantastic after you are done with it. Can't wait to see the work in progress photos. :)

jessica nicole said...

Thanks Jenn :O) I love the stark contrast of before & after photos. Way more satisfying and fun. I will definitely try & take as many progress photos... hope you are finding time to draw & create yourself.