20 July, 2010

poor man's gard[en]

this heat has to go.
it is killing some of our plants.
and is making it really hard to get any gardening done.
unless i want to get up at 6 am. 
yeah, right. 

but if i am going to get up early to garden
i need some inspiration...

via anthro

i love this idea

and this fun box to plant more of our herbs

or maybe i should just resort to 
these until the heat passes...

i can always get up early and sing to the 
wonderful(& hot) sun.
 while i garden.

please don't take my sunshine away...
just the heat.

i am going to try & get up early to garden.
we shall see.
we really want to start working 
on the front of the house & have ideas
of how we are going to build my craft/tool shed.

more to come. 
please keep cool & hydrated.



Taylor Messinger said...

The heat is killing my plants too. I will pray for cooler days for your plants as well as mine. Keep up the good work!

jessica nicole said...

Thanks Taylor!!! Let me know if you figure out any techniques :O) It was so nice to officially meet you this past weekend!!

i am faye said...

hahha "black thumb"
I like the new header on your blog!