16 July, 2010


[free]day = favorite day

here is a great find{s}

she is vivacious & subtle


she is simple & sweet

i love them. 
they are great finds (thanks jonathan!)
they are old powder stations (minus the mirrors). 
what fun they will be to upcycle. 
i am still figuring out
colors & textures....
[if either of these pieces are what you are looking for, 
& you believe in my upcycling skill, feel 
free to suggest a color(s) you would want]

 oh, & yes, i do feel silly naming my pieces at times.
but it makes it much more fun. and you would be
surprised at how much it helps inspiration and
creativity. try it. and i also name practically
everything, including bugs.

i hope you enjoy your [HOT] weekend! 
my husband and i are leaving the 
heat (triple digits) to 
head up north a few hours to, yep, triple digits.
but we will get to swim in a lake,
sleep in an air conditioned home, & eat amazingly
homemade meals. i love family. 
see you all monday!


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