08 June, 2010

the poor man's gard[en]

today i did not work on our garden. but i did work on our house.
added a rug to our dining room, changed out some chairs, prepared curtains to sew for our living room/dining room, & changed our bedside tables in our bedroom.
oh, don't worry. i will post photos once the lighting is good. 

in the meantime, i am posting a photo that is my inspiration to get back to gardening. it will be beautiful. it will. 

i love love love the rainboots. and the mixture of pots.
doesn't this photo give you a deep desire to open all your windows, sit near one 
& read a good book?

too bad it is blazing hot out. otherwise, i might just do that. maybe tomorrow morning before i burn to death from the heat 
[i know. it has not even reached triple digits yet. i'm a baby.]

enjoy your summer evening. 
tomorrow is wednesday. it is almost the weekend.


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