04 June, 2010

friday night in the garden

a friday night full of yummy food.
i decided to make a surprise meal tonight, 
since most nights i don't get to cook for my husband.
dinner consisted of butternut squash with 
a syrup base(brown sugar, butter, cinnamon & nutmeg),
oven-baked chicken with garlic & onions, & some couscous.
my inspiration for the meal? honestly, the butternut squash.
jonathan loves sweet. and, the brown sugar. 
so, i knew that would be the hit. 
the chicken could have been more savory & the couscous less dry.
but, for not using any recipes, it was great.
oh, & how could i forget the beer we sipped. blue moon. 
glory on a summer evening.

here are some photos i managed to take 
while i was preparing dinner & feasting.

 home cooked meals are the best. and cheapest.
do you have any favorite recipes that incorporate any of the ingredients i used tonight? 

i'll be back monday with an exciting week full of new 
blog features & new creations. 

enjoy your weekend.


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