15 September, 2011


thursdays are my fave.
 it means tomorrow is
it's also my favorite
post of the week

meet the new
& fabulous
{miss genevieve}

here is is, 

and, now, wonderfully, 

well, i know. it's only a little peek.
i have been working on 
multiple projects at once
and she is almost done.
i'll show you an even better photo
as soon as she is complete.
probably along with photos
of some other pieces.
oh, and did i mention i'm using
stencils on some new pieces.
yes. i know. be very. very. excited.

in fact, just to get you 
prepared for some amazingness, here is
a little glimpse of the pattern.
it's one of my faves.

oh, & some good things are moving and shifting 
with disregard{en}, so i apologize
for my lack of consistency. i just need 
your patience a little longer. promise.

i hope you had a spectacular week this week.
if you are free sunday, you should
stop by and visit disregard{en}
at the melrose trading post.
we will be selling & smiling
in the most perfect weather.
and, you'll get to see some new pieces!!


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