08 March, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

well, after the perfect 
weekend away with friends,
i am now back to working.
and i mean working.
painting, sanding, sealing, 
waxing, stripping, 
wallpaper-ing(is that a word?),
gluing, cutting and finding.
maybe not in that order
but something like it.

in the midst of working
on pieces for disregard{en},
mr amazing and i have
found some time to 
rearrange our little home.

so i thought i would share some photos
of our study.
we added a new desk and realized
we needed to change things up a bit...
of course, as to stick within
the poor man's gard{en} theme, 
everything in this room was either
found at a thrift store, flea market,
craigslist, or given to us. minus some books.
{ps: yes, we have that many books}

doesn't it make you want to 
curl up in a blanket and 
read the entire day?
i wish.
although i am beginning to read
mrs. dalloway.
maybe i'll find my way over to that
comfy leather chair tonight...

i hope you had a lovely
i did. it was absolutely
gorgeous and perfect weather to work
on my pieces.

i cannot wait to show you.
stay tuned for 



caitlyn st john said...

WHAT HAPPENED to your old desk? i was quite obsessed with that!!!

jessica nicole said...

we sold it :O) i know i know. but it was SO big for that room and we just wanted a change. AND the desk we have now is an antique that was given to us from a family friend. it's gorgeous. you'll have to see it when you are in town again. xoxox