01 February, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

i love the last end of winter...
it reminds you spring
is just around the corner.

and spring means new flowers, vegetables, 
herbs & plants!

but first 
pruning, trimming, uprooting, 
and tilling need to happen... 

just in the last few days we
{well, mostly mr. amazing} 
have been able to assess our
little garden and give it some
much needed attention.

jonathan planted some succulents

today we found three plants on clearance
at our local hardware store.

they are going to look amazing in the front.
well, once we paint the outside of the house
and uproot the roots from those nasty bushes
and, well, that's a start...

and are going to build lattice for our
growing trees and tomatoes to climb
their way up...

and of course i had to bring
the outside in.
since it is finally starting to feel
like spring. i love california winters.
they are quick and allow for being outdoors...
oh, and they mean cheap flowers at the
downtown flower market.

i cannot wait to start painting and planting.
it will have to wait until after the flea market.
there is just too much to do...

and, i am finally feeling back to normal 
after four solid days of being out with the flu.

i hope you are enjoying your tuesday friends.
stay warm 



caitlyn st john said...

i will try to stay warm indeed! We could use a little help on our horribly dead garden in a few months time- when our fingers can manage in the air without loosing all feeling :)

jessica nicole said...

o.m.g. not to rub it in but we were outside gardening and painting today :O) in shorts. maybe you should just convince tom it's time to move back to the states...love you and miss you mucho.