21 December, 2010

poor man's gard[en]

the lovely rain
has made it nearly impossible
to enjoy our garden.
except for picking some fresh 
{& very wet}
herbs to cook with...

but i love the rain. 
and, am going to enjoy 
working on things inside our home
while the pouring continues.

here is one photo and a
 quick glimpse
into our newly decorated guest-room
& what it is beginning to look like...

i told you. a quick glimpse.
there is a theme and feel
we are going for. can you tell?

once the holidays are over 
we will find time to finish this
room up and show you! and i cannot wait!

on another note,
i cannot believe it is almost christmas.
this year went by quickly!
this week's blogs might be a little
sparse as i am working crazy
holiday hours and finishing up
christmas gifts. 
but i am very much
looking forward to sharing creativity
with you after the holidays.

i hope you are enjoying your 
lovely december tuesday.
stay warm & dry! 
{wherever you are} 


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